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Hey there, I'm King. I own a kingdom somewhere. That's what makes me King. Also, I can do silly shit with my voice.

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In case you’ve been living in a pantry under a rock, here’s the Season 2 Gag Reel.


The best part is he still hadn’t taken down all the post-its.

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xthesuperduckx replied to your post: So, I’ve got an article in the works.

you’re a hero

You don’t understand how important this is to me.


i have been looking at skinks on google images all day this is my favortie picture LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And finally someone said it

Fun fact: guys can’t wear ANY of the cosmetics available. It is highly corrosive and will melt their skin. The only make up that is safe for men to wear comes in a black and white camouflaged case and smells like a beaver’s asshole. 

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